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The Advantages Of Using REALTORS Vs. For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) at first glance seems like it might be a good idea. After all, in an FSBO transaction, there is the saving of the commission that a real estate agent earns. Does that mean there is more for the homeowner from the FSBO sale? Not always. One explanation for this is that FSBO homes may get less attention in the marketplace and therefore may receive fewer purchase offers. Consider The Value Of Time A professional worker who earns $150 per hour does not save money by doing the janitorial work accomplished by paying someone else $15…
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Video: For Sale By Owner?

Most people don't know enough to sell their own house. Here's why. 1. They Can't List It! - Only licensed brokers and agents can create a listing in the MLS sale-by-owner houses will be invisible to agents and unavailable on the Web. 2. Agents Won't Show It.- Typically, a buyer's agent gets part of the commission paid to the seller's agent. Sale-by-owner houses don't have that commission commitment so a buyer's agent might not get paid. No agents makes the pool of buyers MUCH smaller. 3. It's Probably Overpriced.- Most homeowners don't have enough data and emotional distance to put…
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